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about2bWith facilities in Ottawa, Canada, Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. is a world leader in simplifying file transfer for the enterprise. We offer the first and most popular brand of Java file transfer applets, bringing over a decade of experience to our product line. The company has more than nine hundred satisfied clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, media companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Unlimi-Tech offers a number of FTP web applets that allow for upload-only, download-only, or two-way transfers right from the browser. Web applets require no end-user configuration or installation and are platform-agnostic, able to run on virtually any operating system and browser. The HTTP Tunneling Servlet, an add-on for the applets, allows transfers through almost any firewall.

Unlimi-Tech has earned strategic development and commercial relationships with industry leaders such as Nasa, Disney, Sony, Ford and Unisys. Additionally, Unlimi-Tech has a business relationship with the US Military and Canadian Government. Unlimi-Tech’s list of customers also includes several international educational institutions including the University of Maryland, The Methodist University of Piracicaba in Brazil and the Hong Kong International School.

In addition to FTP web applets, Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc. is the creator of the FileCatalyst platform which offers accelerated and managed file transfer. File transfer applets are a popular client option within the FileCatalyst suite.

Unlimi-Tech is a privately owned company with headquarters and product development center located in Ottawa, Canada.